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About us

MasTwin B.V. originated in 2015 from the need for service and maintenance of mainly rental equipment from larger rental companies such as Loxam, Boels, Collé and a various number of other companies. Soon many more parties joined and good partnerships with established. Companies such as Generac, Pramac for the sale of rental equipment soon emerged. Placing the right technical people and being very committed to service, the company has continued to grow. We serve the customer on service, maintenance and product level.

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About MasTwin B.V.

MasTwin B.V. has developed over the years into a very reliable, versatile and competent service partner for the term. We also like to think with the customer to offer the right solutions. We can convert generators, have them run synchronously and help connect (emergency) generator sets. We have good partnerships with local companies, enabling us to quickly and switch regionally and locally. We are the official importer of the Generac towerlight and the generators of Generac – Pramac. We supply high-quality encoders and we are dealer of various other products. Read more about this on our sales page.

United Marine Services Group

United Marine Service Group BV is a global service provider. Our company is based in the Netherlands, located in the Rotterdam harbour area.

By using the combined strength of our five partner companies cooperation, we are able to offer repair and service on site including installation, balancing, commissioning and high quality workshop repairs.

United Marine Services Group BV does not only solve your technical problems but aims to by your long-term maintenance partner. Taking care of your projects and participating in long-term solutions, so that our customers can focus completely on their core activities, is what we do best. We are highly customer-oriented and experienced.

With these qualities, United Marine Services Group BV is your 24/7 worldwide service partner in the maritime sector