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Electrical Skid-steer from Kovaco

The world’s first electric skid-steer loaders are coming to the Netherlands. KOVACO Electric introduces its two machines, the standard-sized Elise900 with standard controls and the small, remotely controlled MiniZ 400. Compared to their conventionally powered competition, they are not only free of emissions and noise, opening whole new ways of use, but also cheaper to run and  better in rough terrain, thanks to the low center of gravity.

Electric propulsion is changing the world and KOVACO is the first company to bring it to the world of skid-steer loaders. Even though electric power is perfectly suited to their operation, no company before us has brought an electric skid-steer loader to the market.

Why electric?
Making a skid-steer loader electric-powered has various advantages, some of them obvious, some less so. Of course, the “green” aspect comes to mind first, and not only because our machines actually use the color green. This is not one of those cases, however, when being environmentally friendly means paying more or getting inferior performance. In fact, the opposite is true. With KOVACO machines, the Elise900 and MiniZ 400, you can get your green credentials while also saving money and gaining unique new capabilities.

With their zero-emission, quiet operation, the KOVACO machines are perfect for working in places with tight regulations, indoors or any location where not disturbing the peace with noise or emissions is paramount. This opens a whole new world of possibilities to these skid-loaders, especially as the small, remotely-controlled MiniZ 400 is able to operate in tight spaces where it would be impossible to use traditional heavy equipment.

Of course, both MiniZ 400 and Elise900 are also a great way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Even when using grid-sourced electricity, they are much more efficient than their diesel-powered counterparts, significantly reducing the CO2 emissions – especially in countries with a renewables-heavy energy mix. Even better results can be gained when using your own renewable electricity sources, which will make the operation carbon neutral.